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Where is Sodom and what has been found there?

See a presentation on these astounding discoveries given by Dr Leen Rhitmeyer. Leen Ritmeyer is a Dutch-born archaeological architect who has worked, with Dr. Steven Collins’ team on the Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project. Tall el-Hammam is a large site located approximately 14 kilometers northeast of the Dead Sea in the fertile southern Jordan River Valley of Jordan.

The research which led to the identification of this site with Sodom began by carefully examining the biblical text in Genesis, along with geographic study and intense, broad-based archaeological surveys. All the evidence pointed to the location of ancient Sodom with Tall el-Hammam.

Since then, ongoing full-scale excavations have revealed a massive site consisting of human occupational layers from the Copper Age, 4300-300 B.C. through the Early Bronze (3300-3000 B.C.), Intermediate Bronze (2350-2000 B.C.), and Middle Bronze (2000-1550 B.C.) ages. Peculiar to the site is a clear Middle Bronze period destruction layer of ash followed by a distinct occupational hiatus of 500 to 700 years until the Iron Age ( 1200-332 B.C.E.). The site seems to have been left largely abandoned during this time gap.

 Leen is a member of the Christadelphian church. Leen’s presentation was given at a Christadelphian Bible School. In his presentation Leen refers to his audience as ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’. This is because Christadelphians think of themselves and fellow believers as being brethren and sisters of Christ and so often refer to one another as brother or sister.