We live in an uncertain world. Men and women of today are casting about eagerly and almost pathetically, in search of meanginfulness. For while we have amassed knowledge we seem to have missed truth. Indeed apart from God and from His revealed words that constitute the Bible, mankind and life and time do seem to be essentially purposeless.  We find in the Bible the record of God's revelation of Himself and His plan and purpose with His creation as exemplified in the character and work of Jesus.

Our interest in the Bible has a very personal basis. Sometimes we are asked if our personal commitment to the central message of the Bible inhibits a reasonable study of the claims the Bible makes of what it is. To which we have to answer, “Not at all”. Rather, its study is stimulated and encouraged by our commitment to its message. The biblical message inculcates, among other things, a love of truth for its own sake and a willingness to follow the evidence wherever it may lead.

The following video considers some of the evidence for the claims the Bible contains of what it is. The biblical documents present the prophecies they contain as a medium of divine communication from a God who cannot be seen to mankind. This video examines some of the evidence biblical prophecies provide to help you make up your mind for yourself on the truth of the Bible claim it is a revelation form God. The video examines: how the Bible predicted contrasing fortunes for different cities and nations and remarkably made the correct prediciton each time; how the Nation of Israel are God's Unwilling Witnesses; and how it predicted with remarkable accuracy their very unusual history.

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